Thursday, February 9, 2023

New Features in TS-CHEM Version 2022-3

 TS-CHEM v2022-3 has some great new features, including new options for BIOSCREEN-AT, Dark Mode (Mac version) and the ability to double-click project files to open them. But some of the most powerful features center around the new chart controls. A brief overview of these new chart controls is included below.


All three of the major chart types (C v t, Profile, and Contour) display axes; and so does the digitized concentration chart in the Concentration Inspector tool. In TS-CHEM v2022-3, the user can now control almost every aspect of the of these chart axes including:

  • Major tick and label placement
  • Minor tick spacing
  • Chart grid lines
  • Custom axis title
  • Axis extent

Custom Axis Settings

Figure 1 - TS-CHEM Chart Axis Controls

These controls allow for the creation of better-looking data plots.

Trichloroethene Concentration vs Time
Figure 2 - TS-CHEM Concentration vs. Time Data Plot

And, in the case of the axis extent controls, they allow the user to zoom in on a portion of the chart to better examine data concentrations or trends.

TCE Concentration vs. Time Data Plot
Figure 3 - Zoom-in of TS-CHEM Data Plot


Contour charts now have a second set of controls (in addition to the axis controls) that allow easy formatting of the contour intervals and the type of contour chart used to display the data.

Intervals controls allow the user to accept the automatic TS-CHEM contouring, or specify Regular Intervals (min, max, and interval), or select Custom Contours to customize the spacing and color of the contour display. 

Custom Groundwater Plume Contour Settings

Figure 4 - TS-CHEM Contour Charts - Custom Settings

The value specified in the Boundary field (50 in the example above) serves as a plume cutoff concentration, and the plume image is transparent for concentrations below the Boundary value (see below). This makes it very easy to create a bounded plume to place on digital map using the Map Overlay feature.

Modeled Trichloroethene (TCE) Plume in Groundwater

Figure 5 - TCE Plume Contour Chart - Plume Bounded at 50 ppb

Additionally, the Style for a contour chart can be selected from a dropdown menu containing the following options:
  • Fill – Color
  • Fill – Grayscale
  • Lines Only – Color
  • Lines Only – Grayscale
  • Lines Only – Black
An example of a Lines Only – Color contour chart is shown below.

Modeled Trichloroethene Plume in Groundwater

Figure 6 - TCE Plume Contour Chart Displaying Lines Only - Plume Bounded at 50 ppb 

These sets of controls, tailored to each of the different chart types, provide the tools needed to produce report- or presentation-ready graphics from your TS-CHEM plume transport modeling analyses.
To learn more about the new features TS-CHEM v2022-3, or to download a FREE DEMO VERSION of the software, visit the TS-CHEM Website today

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